Custom Finishes

Our team of professional kitchen planners can provide you with a wide variety of finishes depending on your style and taste.

You can count on us to be flexible while providing you with sound advice on what kind of finish to use for your kitchen.

Depending on your preferred aesthetic we can provide cabinet doors, panels and drawers in a variety of finishes including 2pac, laminate and natural wood finishes if you would like them to have a raw and untouched look. We can also apply a waterborne finish to give it a shine.

We can also provide splash backs of various types and finishes to suit your tastes and practical needs. Tiled splash backs provide you with a subtle yet durable layer that will give your kitchen a sophisticated touch. For a vintage feel we can also add retro tiles for that throwback style, while brick look tiles will give a nice earthy contrast. Splash backs in glass and laminate are also available from our comprehensive range.

As for your appliances we will tailor these to suit your individual needs. If you are running a restaurant you will generally need heavy duty amenities such as friers, ovens, cooktops and fridges. For the home, meanwhile, we will select space and energy saving fixtures that are suitable for your dwelling. Whichever the case we will provide top of- the line appliances to ensure that you have a great time in your kitchen.

Flooring is just as important to the overall design of your kitchen. Bamboo and hardwood are popular among those who want an eco-friendly setup, while ceramic tiles can provide you with a sleek finish. Concrete is another highly durable option if you’re looking for a more modern style of finish.

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